Launch. Optimize. Scale

You Are One Successful Campaign Away From Generating Unlimited Leads, Enroll Ideal Customers/Clients, Grow Sales & Create The Impact In The World.

Launch. Optimize. Scale

You Are One Successful Campaign Away From Generating Unlimited Leads, Enroll Ideal Customers/Clients, Grow Sales & Create The Impact In The World.

Who Do We Serve

Clients Online is the go-to Paid Advertising Agency for the top Experts, Influencers, Coaches and E-Commerce Business Owners in various verticals. We have created, managed, and scaled 5, 6 and 7-figure Facebook Ad campaigns with ROAs over 3000%. We have successfully managed over $40MM in Advertising Campaigns for our clients on various platforms like Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, Google.

Successful Entrepreneurs hire Clients Online to help them build out their media buying strategy and create results-driven campaigns that generate leads, sales, and scale.

Our Services

Discover How To Increase Your Reach,  Generate Qualified Leads, Increase Sales And Profits With Paid Advertising.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising 

Fully managed Facebook & Instagram Advertising done for your business.

Are you ready to finally increase your visibility, build the brand, generate leads and get more profits from your Facebook Marketing efforts? If YES then look no further; We have helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs with their Facebook & Instagram Advertising campaigns to create massive SCALE and IMPACT for their business

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SCALE Your Business With Multi-Channel Paid Media Campaigns

If you are an Expert or E-Commerce Business who has proven Funnel and a campaign that generates profits; Congratulations!!!

Now the real journey begins. Your next step is to SCALE your campaigns from 6-figures to 7-Figures and from 7-Figures to 8-Figures.  With our Profitable SCALE process, we help our clients SCALE their business with multi-channel campaigns on Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, Google, Yahoo/Bing, LinkedIn, Pandora, Outbrain, Taboola and more.

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Facebook Advertising Training and Coaching

Are you frustrated with the ever-changing Facebook Advertising Platform? You know that Facebook & Instagram is the best platform to generate leads and grow your business.

But you can’t seem to create a PROFITABLE campaign. Or you have created a successful campaign in the past but now it’s no longer working.

We fix that for our clients through Advertiser Incubator. It’s a 3 Day LIVE Workshop where you will be discovering our Facebook Trifecta and L.O.S. process and actually LAUNCH your LEAD Generating Campaigns at the workshop!

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Our Clients

Clients we have helped to get more clients.

What Our Clients Say

Janak and his team are the perfect mix of seasoned marketers and roll-up-your-sleeves implementers. They were able to design a Facebook campaign, test almost 100 different variations and then hone in on the winning combination. The result is that we quickly saw 250% ROI for our marketing spend — and we learned very valuable preference data on our customers, thereby ensuring we could improve our campaigns even more. Janak always has his eye on results and the ultimate success of his clients. I highly recommend him to any growth oriented business owner.

Jeanne Rosomme/Aviva Goldfarb, Chevy Chase, Maryland

We recently began a relationship with Janak and his team to help us grow our online business and we could not be happier with the results. While we have enjoyed a very strong Facebook presence, we had never been able to turn the large number of followers into actual sales. Janak has run weekly ad campaigns which have resulted in outstanding conversion results. Our return on sales has averaged over 270% in the first 5 months! In addition to the increased profitability from our Facebook ad campaigns, we have also seen a jump in Facebook followers and engagement. Thanks, Janak for increasing the profitability of our business.

Amy & Dave McCready, Raleigh, NC

Increased my revenue by 28% and profits by 49% last year. I’m hiring 3 more technicians to match huge increase in demand for our lawn sprinkler installation & repair and landscape lighting services. Janak and his team are my secret weapon and I don’t want any of my competitors to know about him!

Scott Halahan

Owner, Old Faithful Sprinkler Systems, Plymouth, Michigan

Janak is awesome! In the first (8) days of his Facebook Ad we landed (7) Leads, and because of his thorough research and attention to detail all of the Leads that came to us were Qualified Leads. As a result, at the end of the first two weeks we signed up (13) new students. I have used marketing companies before but no one gave us the staggering results that he and his team have.

Michael Rosati

Smithtown Krav Maga, Nesconset, NY

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