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Launch. Optimize. Scale

You Are One Successful Campaign Away From Generating Unlimited Leads, Enroll Ideal Customers/Clients, Grow Sales & Create The Impact In The World.

Launch. Optimize. Scale

You Are One Successful Campaign Away From Generating Unlimited Leads, Enroll Ideal Customers/Clients, Grow Sales & Create The Impact In The World.

Who Do We Serve 


Clients Online is the go-to Digital Advertising Agency for the Top Experts, Influencers, Coaches and Successful E-Commerce Business Owners in various niches.

We have successfully launched, optimized, and scaled thousands of 5, 6 & 7 Figure Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaigns with avg. ROAs of over 300% We are META BUSINESS PARTNER!

Successful Entrepreneurs hire Clients Online to help them build out their media buying strategy and create results-driven campaigns that generate LEADS, SALES and SCALE Profitably!!!

We have successfully managed over $75MM in Advertising Campaigns for our clients on various platforms like Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, Google, TikTok, Yahoo/Bing, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Outbrain/Taboola.


Our Services

Discover How To Increase Your Reach,  Generate Qualified Leads, Increase Sales And Profits With Paid Advertising.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising 

Fully managed Facebook & Instagram Advertising done for your business.

Are you ready to finally increase your visibility, build the brand, generate leads and get more profits from your Facebook Marketing efforts? If YES then look no further; We have helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs with their Facebook & Instagram Advertising campaigns to create massive SCALE and IMPACT for their business

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SCALE Your Business With Multi-Channel Paid Media Campaigns

If you are an Expert or E-Commerce Business who has proven Funnel and a campaign that generates profits; Congratulations!!!

Now the real journey begins. Your next step is to SCALE your campaigns from 6-figures to 7-Figures and from 7-Figures to 8-Figures.  With our Profitable SCALE process, we help our clients SCALE their business with multi-channel campaigns on Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, Google, Yahoo/Bing, LinkedIn, Pandora, Outbrain, Taboola and more.

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Facebook Advertising Implementation Workshop

Are you frustrated with the ever-changing Facebook Advertising Platform? You know that Facebook & Instagram is the best platform to generate leads and grow your business.

But you can’t seem to create a PROFITABLE campaign. Or you have created a successful campaign in the past but now it’s no longer working.

We fix that for our clients through Advertiser Incubator!!!

It’s a 3 Day LIVE Workshop where you will be discovering our Facebook Trifecta and L.O.S. process and actually LAUNCH your LEAD Generating Campaigns at the workshop!

If you are interested in finding out how you and your team can leverage the power of Facebook Advertising and learn from a team who is in trenches and managing multi-million dollar spend and have been doing it for last 10+ years then

Schedule your FREE Trifecta Session with our Team.

Brands We Serve

Some Of Our Happy Clients we have helped to SCALE their Business.

What Our Clients Say

Working with Client’s Online has done wonders for us. They’ve become a valuable asset to us scaling our program at NexGenT. Simply put, these guys have Facebook Advertising figured out and they deliver RESULTS. In the short time we’ve been working together, we were able to test several campaigns and optimize the winners.

Before we started with Clients Online, we averaged about 500 sales per month; in just our second month of working together, we grew that number to 2,027, and we are continuing to set record-breaking numbers every single month.

To truly use Facebook Advertising to it’s full potential (and then some!), you need to get Clients Online on your team.

Adrian Hunter

CMO, NexGenT

Hi, My Name is Assaf and I’m a founder of Paint Your Life, we are a company that’s creating hand painted portraits. I’ve been working with Viktor and Janak for almost 2 years and it’s been a great experience for me from which I’ve learnt and benefited a lot.

They worked hard and were available any time of the day to help us scale and improve our campaigns. They are both hard working and full of creative ideas. Every few days they have launched new campaigns, new ad sets, new targeting.

They do not give up until we achieved what we hoped for, that I can say. I’m sure we will be doing great things in future as well. 

Assaf Kostinar

Owner, Paint Your Life, Hongkong

Hi, My name is Weston Harris. I am the Founder/CEO of AXIL Hearing Performance.  We are the leading Hearing Performance & Protection Company for Gun Enthusiasts Nation & Worldwide. 

The problem/challenge we were facing was that we didn’t have consistent performance from our paid advertising efforts. We needed help in optimizing and scaling our campaigns. After working with Janak and his team at Clients Online we have tested various products, optimized campaigns, and identified winners and now we are scaling beyond our wildest expectations. They also have helped us beyond ad campaigns. They have worked closely with our Web Development team to fix tracking issues on the website. They have also helped us generate Qualified Leads for hearing test way below our KPI’s.

They have exceeded all our expectations. In 25 years of running my business; I’ve came across many agencies but we have never experienced the competence that Clients Online demonstrated. They have not only launched and optimized but they are now starting to SCALE campaigns as well. 

They are very committed, dedicated and they have real competence when it comes to being able to Optimize and Scale Ad Campaigns. If you are looking to improve performance of your Paid Ad campaigns and want to SCALE your business; You need to hire Clients Online in right now!!!

Weston Harris

Founder & CEO, Axil, Draper, Utah

“There are Facebook Ad Experts, above them are Facebook Ad Masters and then there is a special level for Facebook Advertising Ninja – Janak Mehta.

He has helped us sell 688 products at over 500% ROAs in a 30-day launch and we generated over 25,000 Leads and created an impact for hundreds of thousands of parents in Latin America. He simply blew us out of water. He is a true genius! We love him at Ninos De Ahora!

Luis Carlos Flores

CEO, Ninos De Ahora, Metepec, Mexico

Janak and his team are the perfect mix of seasoned marketers and roll-up-your-sleeves implementers. They were able to design a Facebook campaign, test almost 100 different variations and then hone in on the winning combination. The result is that we quickly saw 250% ROI for our marketing spend — and we learned very valuable preference data on our customers, thereby ensuring we could improve our campaigns even more. Janak always has his eye on results and the ultimate success of his clients. I highly recommend him to any growth oriented business owner.

Jeanne Rosomme/Aviva Goldfarb

TheSixoClockScramble.com, Chevy Chase, Maryland

I’ve worked with most of the so-called Facebook advertising experts and have been consistently unimpressed – until I met Janak.

Janak and his team are the best-kept secret behind some of the most successful, scalable ad campaigns on Facebook, including my own.

If you are an expert, author, speaker or coach and you are committed to dominating on Facebook, the fastest way for you to get there is to hire Janak and his team at Clients Online.

David Bayer

CEO, David Bayer Businesses

My name is Ryan McKenzie and I’m one of the owners of Explore Magazine. I wanted to take a second to give a shout out to Janak, Viktor and his team at a Clients Online because they did a fantastic job of handling our media buying with our subscription box.

I worked with their team for about six months and they were absolutely professional from creating a custom Slack channel where I can have any of my questions answered to making sure that they were constantly creating new creative and giving it to me in an organized fashion so I could review it and get it out to our audiences to make more sales. They provided me biweekly reports showing me the exact CPAs, across my account and which ads specifically were performing well and we want to scale.

They were great at scaling things up and you know, one of the coolest things is that they found a bunch of different audiences that I hadn’t even thought of in the past that wound up converting really well on the retargeting layer.

So again, I just want to give a huge shout out to Janak and his team. Fantastic job working with you and I would definitely recommend them to anybody who’s looking for a Facebook Agency to run their eCommerce products or subscription boxes. Thanks!

Ryan McKenzie

Partner, Explore Magazine, Vancouver, BC

Hi, My name is Chris Prawdzik. and I’m the CEO and founder of Body Candy. Body Candy is an online jewelry store with one of the largest collections of jewelry at various price points to suit our customer’s needs.
We were looking for an agency who could help us manage our Paid Advertising Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and SCALE our campaigns at a profit. We had tried other agencies in the past but didn’t get what we were looking for.

I met Janak at a marketing conference and immediately liked him. He and his team at Clients Online analyzed our campaigns and showed us what they can do to optimize and scale our campaigns. The best thing about working with Clients Online is that they have done exactly what they said they were going to do. That’s almost unheard of..

I’ve been working with them for 5 months now and they have scaled our campaigns from $3-$4k/day to $12K/day at our target ROAs. We have regular meetings and during those meetings other than sharing data (what’s working and what needs attention) they brainstorm to come up with new campaign ideas and launch new targets and creatives.

Also, their management fee model is a breath of a fresh air. They not only help you scale your business profitably but they become extension for the brand and become your partners.

After working with them and seeing great results for Body Candy and we gave them another brand to work on – Jackpot Candles and they have quickly scaled that brand’s daily spend from $100/day to $1000/day in 30 days!!! (Now Scaled To Over $8K/Day with over 500% ROAs)

They are one of the best in the marketplace. They don’t just have the right skills but they also have a heart and they help their clients create a bigger impact in the world through their products!

Chris Prawdzik

CEO, Cybercartel International, New York

We recently began a relationship with Janak and his team to help us grow our online business and we could not be happier with the results. While we have enjoyed a very strong Facebook presence, we had never been able to turn the large number of followers into actual sales. Janak has run weekly ad campaigns which have resulted in outstanding conversion results. Our return on sales has averaged over 270% in the first 5 months! In addition to the increased profitability from our Facebook ad campaigns, we have also seen a jump in Facebook followers and engagement. Thanks, Janak for increasing the profitability of our business.

Amy & Dave McCready

PositiveParentingSolutions.com, Raleigh, NC

Increased my revenue by 28% and profits by 49% last year. I’m hiring 3 more technicians to match huge increase in demand for our lawn sprinkler installation & repair and landscape lighting services. Janak and his team are my secret weapon and I don’t want any of my competitors to know about him!

Scott Halahan

Owner, Old Faithful Sprinkler Systems, Plymouth, Michigan

Janak is awesome! In the first (8) days of his Facebook Ad we landed (7) Leads, and because of his thorough research and attention to detail all of the Leads that came to us were Qualified Leads. As a result, at the end of the first two weeks we signed up (13) new students. I have used marketing companies before but no one gave us the staggering results that he and his team have.

Michael Rosati

Smithtown Krav Maga, Nesconset, NY

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